Pipestone Rink restaurant making a “Comeback”

  Pipestone Rink has found themselves a new owner for their onsite restaurant. Wanda Grant, formerly of Alberta, has decided to begin a new journey as a restaurant owner of Comeback Café, after years 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Wanda moved to Manitoba in 2005 from Alberta. Working as a bartender in Riels at Oak Island Resort in 2008 and promoted to management in 2009. “I often thought of going home (Alberta) over the years but with my daughter, son-in-law , step-daughter, and grandbabies here I couldn’t imagine being that far away from them.” Wanda explained.

  We asked Wanda what lead her to decide to open a new restaurant in Pipestone? Wanda said, “ I have to admit that having a restaurant was never on my radar. I’ve had occasional thoughts of opening a bar but nothing that I ever took too seriously. I knew that the facility in Pipestone existed and just couldn’t shake the thought that it’s potential was huge. With a little prodding from some friends, I decided to look into it and here I am!”

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  She plans to keep the menu fairly simple but with only best quality ingredients. There will be specials you won’t find on the day to day menus and she plans to take full advantage of the steak pit, with her priority of bringing in top notch steaks. The intention for hours will be evenings Monday through Thursday, Fridays afternoons and evenings, and all day on the weekends.

  Wanda has created a Facebook page that is getting a great response from the surrounding communities. This might have something to do with a contest she has launched where one person will be chosen by a random draw each week for them and a friend to join in on an exclusive, invite only, menu sampling prior to the grand opening. Also $50 gift card for every 200 likes the page gets and a free appetizer by random draw for participating in the "have to have it" appetizer poll.

Although the opening date has not yet been determined or announced, Wanda is hoping to have everything up and running by mid-fall.

  When asked what Wanda is hoping to get out of this experience she said, “I Just love to do my own thing and make people happy.”

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