Golden Estates is more than a home, it is a community!


 Archie McPherson, Reeve of the RM of Pipestone, welcomed everyone to the Grand Opening of Golden Estates on Friday, December 6.  “I’m so pleased to see so many people in attendance today,” said McPherson.

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 Council had a vision to bring a new type of housing to the Municipality that would allow our seniors to remain in the community as they age.  For health reasons, our seniors were relocating to larger places, like Brandon, because although they didn’t need a personal care home, but they did want a few amenities, like daily meals and housekeeping. 

Research showed that sometimes seniors enter personal care homes because there was no supportive living option or the option was too expensive. “We wanted to create a place that active, independent seniors could enjoy their retirement, in the company of their friends and family, in the community they had supported all their lives,” explained McPherson

 Council was contacted by Dale Walls, of Dale Walls and Associates and he suggested an entirely new idea – a large, 10-unit residence, built with the look and feel of a private residence.  It is a design that was pioneered in England after World War 2 and was brought over to Canada.  There is a similar project in Dominion City, MB and there are other homes throughout Canada.

 A community survey was completed and the need for this project became clear.  Council appointed a Board of Directors and started work on the design and concept.  Board Members: Ross Tycoles, Lisa Jones, Blaire Williamson, June Greggor, and Archie McPherson.  They took a tour of the home in Dominion City and the design quickly changed to 9 units, to provide a more spacious room for every resident. 

 Council decided to fund this project 100%, accepting no provincial or federal grants.  This allowed them to decide what type of house, design and finishing would be best for our residents.  The money for the project came from the Royalty Reserve.  There is no loan on the project and any income generated from the house, after expenses will be returned to the Municipality to fund other projects.  “This allows us to offer a more affordable rent than any other similar assisted living project in the Province,” said McPherson. 

 “Jacques Rollier, designer spent many hours drawing and re-drawing concepts until we hit on the layout you see today,” said McPherson. Every room is accessible, corridors are wide, with handrails, and every suite will hold a queen-sized bed.  The committee wanted to ensure our residents wouldn’t have to start sleeping in a twin bed.  Some of us don’t fit them so well and after 50 plus years of marriage, I wouldn’t want to go to even a double myself.”  Jacques added design touches like bay windows to give the home some polish and worked tirelessly with the design committee to create the finishing you see. 

 Our next step was to find a builder. Council was fortunate to partner with Aaron Smith and Hometown Lumber & Supply and broke ground in November 2018.  With an ambitious schedule – to be open within 10 months – and Aaron and his team took on this challenge.

Aaron brought in many local contractors and workers on this project.

From Hometown Lumber & Supply: Pat Myles, Colin Rizak, Ryan Brookings, Kenneth Hayward, Robin Coombs, Brian Duncan, Scott Boulton, Bruce Brown, Burt Smith.

Subcontractors included: LRB Electric and Pinnacle Plumbing, Elwin Funk of Covenant Builders, Rudy Isaac, Terry Wilkinson and Cody Wilkinson, Layton Isaac, Matt Braun and Tony Isaac, Lance Prystenski, Howard Moore, Colin Walker, Russell Morrice, Ron Zarn, Ralph Froese of Badger Excavating.

Painters: JP Williamson & Sandra Hamel, Emmie Sanderson, Geraline Isaac and Darla Bartel,

Landscape and Parking: Vern Forbes, Blaire Williamson, and Bonneville Transport, with support from TTES Consulting and JR Cousin Consultants.

Water & Sewer was completed by Cros-Man Direct Underground

 Of course, no building project is complete without interior design.  The committee added Heide Smith, Brenda Ellis-Anderson, and Vera McPherson, and together they chose the colours, the floors, the furniture, the cabinets, the artwork – if you love how the building looks, thank this team. 

They worked closely with Kevin and Colleen Brigden at Circle M Furniture for all the beautiful furniture and appliances. Budget Blinds are responsible for the window coverings throughout the house.

 Golden Estates was also fortunate to receive a very generous donation from The Reston & Area Foundation to create a guest suite that can be rented on a short-term basis by visitors to the home.  The furniture is currently in the display suite upstairs but will be moving to the lower level after the grand opening.

 Other donations received include a BBQ from Bob & Evelyn Fotheringham, a treadmill from Terri Vandenberghe and a recumbent bike from Judy Lochhead, a shuffleboard from Mel & Margie Irwin,  Christmas tree from Dyane & Blaire Williamson and other small touches from many community members.

 Golden Estates provides residents with all their meals, light housekeeping and linen service and planned recreation.  Our House Manager, Krystle Menzies and her staff, Leah Hamel, Carolyn Magotiaux, Sherry Kendrick and Kelly Hiebert have been hard at work since October, making the house into a home.  They’ve filled 8 of the 9 suites. Suite 7 is still available for a couple or a single renter.  Rent is on a month to month basis, with no lease required.  Golden Estates is more than a home, it is a community.

 Archie invited Dale Walls of Walls & Associates to bring greetings. “When the RM of Pipestone said they were using their own financing, we almost fell off our chairs,” said Walls. “They sent out surveys and they listened to what the people wanted. The project was developed from the ground up and it is better than even expected.” He went on to congratulate everyone who was involved.

Chairman of the Board Ross Tycoles thanked all the workers for their input and gave a tour of the facility. “It really was a work in progress,” said Tycoles. “We tried to make it the best we could for the ones living here.”

Representatives for MLA Greg Nesbit and MP Larry Maguire also were in attendance and congratulated everyone on a beautiful addition for the community.

An official ribbon cutting was done by the board members before cake and coffee was served.

 An Open House was held the next day on Saturday, December 7 from 2 – 4 p.m. with cake and coffee served.

 As well as 9 spacious suites and a guest suite, Golden Estates has a common kitchen, living room. The lower level has a family room that may be used for family gatherings, laundry room, a craft and storage room, a walk in shower and bath just to mention a few of the amenities offered. New to the facility will be a hairdressing room with Sherry Kendrick offering hair services on a weekly basis.

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